Earlier this month (Oct 2019), IBM a 109 year old IT giant announced a major strategic decision to separate its Managed Infrastructure Services into a new company, with a placeholder name of “NewCo”. You can learn more from here.

I have been part of IBM for the past 10 years. Over the years, I have worked with numerous smart people and teams across the globe which led to continuous expansion of my professional skills. IBM as a company has given me great experiences and this news came as a surprise.

A lot has been talked and discussed about this decision…

If you are in a Multi-Cloud or Hybrid-Cloud arena, then Terraform is a must to learn and its certification is good to have. I have been working with Terraform for quite some time now and preparing for its certification too.

I took some bullet notes, a way of revising things just minutes before taking the exam and also documenting my preparation. Please use the notes as such, just as an add-on to your larger exam preparation.

The notes are from HashiCorp’s Exam Review and Study Material here. This is also structured in similar fashion.

  1. Understand Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts

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One of the many things that I’m trying to do during these lock-down times is to complete some of my pending learning projects, personal targets and enjoy the family time. Besides, that is all we have to keep us moving.

On that, “Terraform with AWS” has been my long pending project to complete. After exploring quite a bit of AWS world, Terraform was my next battle. Terraform had always excited me with its declarative style of code.

Why did I not choose CloudFormation over AWS ? Simply put CloudFormation is AWS native but Terraform is NOT and open source. Its…

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Velero is an open source tool from Heptio, used for backup and restore operations of Kubernetes based cluster resources. It also enables to perform disaster recovery of production workloads, and also migrate to a new kubernetes cluster.

I started exploring this tool and its capabilities since the past week, and decided to take a weekend project where I try and explore a sample application migration from Google cloud’s GKE to IBM Cloud’s IKS. More information about Velero can be read here.

In this article, I will try and explain the high level steps performed and how Velero makes it easy…

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